TMS started more as a hobby, as an interest for photography, film, writing and acting came together. But when I got into improv and found there was interest in performers for having their shows recorded on a professional level, TMS quickly became a reality.

With a  background in music, theater, technical schooling and experience through doing,  I collected and combined my equipment into a completely mobile studio which can record just about anywhere and for any occasion.

All of this is a hobby for me, which is why I only ask a fraction of the price professionals charge for upkeep of materials. As all my equipment is in bags, ready to move at a moment’s notice, I have no need to run and pay upkeep of a professional studio, unmovingly based in just one location.


So this brings us to the grit, the actual prices.

  • Photography. For only 15 euro’s an hour you can have a photographer on location at your party, gathering, or where ever you might want pictures taken from. This also includes indoor and outdoor portfolio shoots, weather permitting. Travelling costs have not been taken into this calculation. Use of the home studio is of course also an option at no extra charge.
  • Video recording ranges from 60 to 100 euro’s an hour, depending on 1 to 3 camera angles and recording location. This may seem much, but includes audio recording as well as editing into a final video for you to use. Use of local equipment can also bring down the price.
  • Audio recording can be done for as little as 20 euro’s an hour, going up to 40 euro’s an hour depending on use of local equipment instead of bringing my own.
  • Lights and Sounds for accompaniment of shows will require on site equipment in lights and mixing panels, but that is also why I don’t charge for that. For 20 euro’s an hour I will be there to brighten up your show and make it look professional. There is a surcharge of 10 euros an hour before the show or during practices to get familiar with the equipment.
  • Projection is a new addition to our arsenal and comes with an optional 3 by 1.40 meter screen at a price of 10 euros an hour, including beamer. But if you have a large white wall, then why pay more? Projection alone is just 7.50 an hour.


Wow! You should be a model! – personal coaching

Having found that through my personal background in TV, film, and theater, I found myself in the rather unique position  to help people reach their dreams of becoming a film- or TV star. Never before has there been such a huge market in Dutch TV and film people of all ages, body types, looks, nationalities and languages, and so I set up this special project of personal coaching, including getting your portfolio together, setting up video casting, career planning, and above all honest assessment of your chances and abilities, to give you your chance in the limelight.

Trust me, it’s not going to be easy, but if you’re willing and hard working, there are opportunities abound.

For this coaching I ask 10 euro’s per hour, time well spent in talking you through the obstacles you might come to on your path to stardom, but it also includes a 50% discount on photography for your portfolio and together planning and creating your online casting video which will give you the best possibilities to make your dream come true.

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