Any Which Way

“Made me stop and think…”
“I got so angry when…”

These are just a few of the reactions I got in testing my short film to a small group and asked for feedback.

Let me tell you how it got there…


When the chance came to make a short movie I jumped into this with, uncharacteristic eagerness to make this dream come true, and the short film ‘Any Which Way’ is the result of that.any-which-way-poster-hd

I have always had a thing for the old black and white silent movies, simply because I found the facial expressions and body language told the viewer the story while holding on to the mystery to discover instead of everything at long length being explained. This is why I chose for just a music background without spoken texts through a modern media of color and HD imagery to create a new version of the old, almost forgotten, concept. Through this I hope to intrigue the viewer while making them more aware of their own emotions and place in the world, instead of just feeding them a different time and place to temporarily forget about themselves.


February 169th 2017: closed premiere. If you wish to attend, please send an Email to with your name, job title and where you work and we’ll get back to you.

March 1st: Optional open distribution. If by this point no galleries or film arts organisations have responded to wanting the rights to show the piece, at this point it will go on Youtube for all to see.